Casa 6

What does it make the heart flows?

Service does….

Right after the 5th, there comes the 6th the area to make the heart flows….

Quem não se submete, não sai da casa 5, fica brincando para sempre…ASC Leo

Alimentar-se para estar bem para servir e cumprir os compromissos.

his is the 6th house for a child, who has neither work nor health concerns, nor even a good grasp of time. Children experience the 6th through their organizing rituals. Adults have routines, but children have rituals. Rituals create energy; routines drain it. Rituals invite assistance from the invisible world. They serve a magical protective function—acting as the garlic and sacred cross that keeps the 6th house vampires at bay. What draws a child to certain objects and sequences is a mystery, but the power of this attachment can’t be denied. To children what happens in the present matters. The 6th house holds the personal holy rituals that give meaning to their world.

When children enter school, these meaningful attachments are gradually severed. Their unique experience of time is relinquished to society’s more efficient rhythms. Personal magic gives way to productivity and practicality. The older one gets, the worse this becomes. The year I had my Sun plus four more planets in the 6th house of my solar return, my daily duties were overwhelming. I was hopping with productive, efficiently scheduled activity. I kept waiting for the avalanche of responsibilities to disappear. They never did. Towards the end of that year I heard Ray Merriman speak about the solar return 6th house Sun. He nailed me when he said, “These people have only themselves to blame. They over-schedule themselves, not realizing they should do the opposite: relax, float, and flow.”

Merriman was suggesting that to balance the 6th, we should look to its opposing house, the 12th. This is the house belonging to the invisible world. It is Neptune’s territory. To keep Mercury’s efficiency in proper measure, we can evoke more Neptune—imagination, spirituality, the unconsciousness of dream. Just as our dreams carry images from our days, we might allow our days to remember images from our dreams.

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